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Weegee: Murder Is My Business 

Reposted from Learning at the Library. Written by cl2577.

Weegee: Murder Is My Business is now exhibited at International Center of Photography. The exhibition which is curated ICP Chief Curator Brian Wallis presents some rare examples of Weegee’s most famous and iconic images, and consider his early work in the context of its original presentation in historical newspapers and exhibitions, as well as Weegee’s …

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Reposted from Splitting Skulls. Written by Chris Moffett.

ALL POINTS BULLETIN (Please Forward, Share, Repost, Dead Drop, slip to that person you know...) Wanted: Photographer to barter for shooting a gig at the Whitney Museum (wherein we in turn barter with patrons for learnin'.) March 25th. And by "barter" I mean you can expect more than you usually dream is possible. Qualifications: Expertise …

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